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Condit Library FOR 2022-23            

Last year our students read over 217 million words, our goal for 2022-23 is to top that amazing achievement!  Our library is extremely well supported by our PFA with both volunteers and fund raising.  Please stop into room 8 any day if  you'd like to help out too.


This year our reading program them is Today A Reader, Tomorrow a Leader, and throughout the year as students read books, great prizes can be earned.  For the Fall trimester first graders will read books and turn in book forms for prizes.  As they become ready, during the Winter and Spring trimesters, our first grade friends will practice and learn to take Accelerated Reader quizzes on their own!  Our 2nd through 6th graders are encouraged to be a weekly member of the 90% CLUB by passing an Accelerated Reader quiz in his/her own reading level each and every week with a score of 90% or better on a Reading Practice quiz taken that week.  At the end of the year we host a Readers are Leaders lunch in the library for students with 30 weeks or more in the 90% CLUB as well as Reading Awards to recognize our many successful readers with certificates and trophies.  To earn a trophy either be  a member of the 90% CLUB every week for 35 weeks, OR, be the student with the most words read in your grade.  Either way, reading is the key and with lots of practice we hope to develop a love of reading in each student!


The library is a dynamic part of each student's learning experience, and we have a lot going on here, but don't worry - the teachers and the librarian will review and support our reading programs throughout the school year, and your student will soon be reading leader!



Week 1 end Sept 9

Week 2 end Sept 16

Week 3 ends Sept 23

Week 4 ends Sept 30

Week 5 ends Oct 7

Week 6 ends Oct 14

Week 7 ends Oct 21

Week 8 ends Oct 28

Week 9 ends Nov 4

Week 10 ends Nov 10 

Week 11 ends Nov 18 


Week 12 ends Dec 2

Week 13 ends Dec 9

Week 14 ends Dec 16

Week 15 ends Dec 22


Week 16 ends Jan 13

Week 17 ends Jan 20

Week 18 ends Jan 27

Week 19 ends Feb 3

Week 20 ends Feb 10

Week 21 ends Feb 17

Week 22 ends Feb 24

Week 23 ends Mar 3

Week 24 ends Mar 10

Week 25 ends Mar 17

Week 26 ends Mar 24

Week 27 ends Mar 31


Week 28 ends Apr 14

Week 29 ends Apr 21

Week 30 ends Apr 28

Week 31 ends May 5

Week 32 ends May 12

Week 33 ends May 19

Week 34 ends May 26

Week 35 ends June 2